Macroeconomic Policies for Stable Growth by Delano Villanueva


About the Book:

This volume (authored by Delano S. Villanueva) is a collection of published and unpublished papers that the author has written over the last two decades during part of his tenure at the International Monetary Fund, The South East Asian Central Banks Research and Training Center, and Singapore Management University. The policy-oriented book examines the links between macroeconomic policies and noninflationary, full-employment levels and growth rates of aggregate gross domestic product, with particular focus on the application in emerging markets of the tools of growth theory. Theoretically sound and grounded in practical wisdom, this book is an essential reading for economic, financial and developmental policymakers, professional economists, and undergraduate/graduate students in economics and social sciences.
Source: World Scientific Book

With the financial meltdown in 2008, this book is timely. Its use of rigorous aggregate growth models to relate macroeconomic policies to stable growth makes for sound economic analysis. Its policy-orientation should be highly useful to public officials who formulate and execute macroeconomic policies, ranging from fiscal, monetary and banking, to external trade and debt management.


  • Strategies for Financial Reforms
  • Managing Capital Flows
  • External Debt, Adjustment, and Growth
  • Exports and Economic Development
  • Openness, Human Development, and Fiscal Policies
  • Social and Political Factors in a Model of Endogenous Economic Growth and Distribution: An Application to the Philippines
  • Does Monetary Policy Matter for Long-run Growth?

Readership: Economic, financial and developmental policymakers; professional economists; undergraduate/graduate students of economics and social sciences.

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